Lower Eastside Girls Club

The largest foundation poured along Avenue D in the last two decades, this project is a joint venture between CMA & D7 Construction. The project site is uniquely configured as a T-shape with three street frontages, merging five different properties. CMA was contracted to perform pre-construction design consultation, as well as, to manage the full construction and turnover of the project.

In this 12-story project, the first three levels are dedicated to the Lower Eastside Girls Club and the nine stories above it consist of 78 inclusionary housing residential rental units. A large courtyard connects the buildings on the ground floor. The residential entrance and two commercial rental spaces are along Avenue D. Both owners have opted for LEED accreditation.

The architect designed a unique façade with a combination of curtain wall glazing, insulated metal panels and Cor-ten Steel finish on the lower floors. Exposed concrete frames highlight the planetarium dome, the airstream recording studio, the double height library space and the offices. The upper residential floors will include masonry with punched windows.

Images courtesy of Marc J. Harary, RA - City Architectural Photography, @2014 & CTA Architects PC