Pre-Construction Services

CMA’s experience on past projects can be very useful for the Property Owner considering a new Construction Project. Pre-Construction services are available to assist the Property Owner in an effort to analyze the overall feasibility of a proposed project. During this period we will work with the Project Team and Ownership to establish the goals for the project prior to the commencement of actual construction work. Services included during this phase are:

  • Review conceptual plans
  • Prepare preliminary budget
  • Value engineering
  • Evaluate constructibility
  • Advise on selection of materials and building systems
  • Identify long lead items and strategies for procurement
  • Provide preliminary project schedule
  • Assess site logistics
  • Identify appropriate subcontractors

Construction Management/ General Contracting

CMA is dedicated to providing comprehensive management at every stage of the project: from award, to overall planning, to coordination, supervision, turnover and final closeout. The goal of our on site and office staff is to meet our clients’ specific requirements while ensuring the project is delivered with the highest quality, on time, and within budget. Services during this phase include:

  • Subcontractor bid and awards
  • GMP and project cost controls and projection systems
  • Establish and manage a specific project team
  • Contract management
  • Monitor all project management controls
  • Full scale field supervision
  • Project close-out documentation
  • Certificate of occupancy

Quality Control

CM & Associates has established effective project controls that guarantee a level of quality control expected of a premier construction management firm. We understand that monitoring and maintaining these control points is essential in running a successful project. Each project is subject to monthly project review meetings in which deficiencies in any of the control points is targeted. This allows the appropriate personnel to focus on resolving the issues at hand. Identification and immediate resolution of all issues is paramount.

Risk Management

Partnering with Arch Financial, CMA has developed a comprehensive risk management strategy, which includes safety procedures, liability and an exclusive sub-guard policy.

After completing a rigorous and thorough application process, we are proud to be one of a very select group of construction management firms to be approved for a Subcontractor Default Insurance Policy. The security that a Subcontrator Default Insurance Policy provides is essential in continuing the growth of CMA. Through this policy, CMA is able to protect both CMA and the Client from default from any subcontractor utilized on a project. With the use of the Arch Financial Subcontractor Insurance Policy, we are able to guarantee the successful completion of all trade contractors.

Furthermore, our safety procedure protocol minimizes risk in field operations, as well as re-allocates risk to the contractor where applicable. This approach adds a substantial level of protection for our clients.